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UPZ 210 Li/LiII

Precision CNC fast reciprocation profile grinding machine with linear motor drive.

With a machine weight of 5700 kg this machine offers the basis of a low vibration ultra precision profile grinding machine. High precision linear guideways and optional hydrostatic ways are paired with a linear motor drive for the table that allows a table oscillation speed of up to 250 reciprocations in each direction per minute. The machine is equipped with two independent wheel heads mounted on precision linear guideways positioned with linear motors. the twin wheel head can be utilised for roughing and finish grinding or for grinding both left and right sides of a profile in one operation. When combined with an optional CCD measuring camera, it is able to automatically measure and optionally compensate any eventual error to guarantee a perfect component in a single operation without operator intervention.

  • CNC Fast Reciprocation grinding machine with linear motor drives
  • Available in single spindle wheel head and double spindle wheel head variations
  • Carbide grinding with 520 oscillations per minute
  • Rough grinding, fine grinding, measuring, with automatic compensation in one loading
Table work size, mm200 x 110200 x 105
Max. grinding height between table and new wheel214225
Table load incl. magnetic chuck, approx., Kg.55
Length x Depth, approx., mm1700 x 18501880 x 3380